Numenera Creature Deck 3

The easiest way to build and run Ninth World encounters

Populate your encounters with weird and wondrous Ninth World creatures quickly and easily. Generate them randomly from a selection you build. Or create encounters on the fly. Then give your players a look at the foes they face.

This deck contains 99 weird and wondrous creatures of the Ninth World, drawn from The Ninth World Bestiary 3, Numenera Destiny, and Priests of the Aeons. When you need to build an encounter (either when prepping your game or at the gaming table), simply pick or randomly draw a card from this deck. You’ve got basic stats (with a reference to the book, for full stats and info) on one side, and an image to share with your players on the reverse. You’ll be astounded at the time you save!

The Numenera Creature Deck 3 is fully compatible with the Numenera Creature Deck, Numenera Creature Deck 2, and Numenera Cypher and Creature Deck Expansion. Combine them, or build your own random encounter generator by choosing creatures from each title to build your own custom creature deck. Between them, you have well over 300 creatures to choose from!

Numenera Creature Deck 3
By Bruce R. Cordell and Sean K. Reynolds
100-card deck or PDF
$19.99 (print); $7.99 (PDF)

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