Go Forth, New Game Masters!

This weekend, an illustrious cohort of gamers will all be running their very first sessions as game masters! Over the four weeks of New Gamemaster Month, they have read, pondered, prepped, and wrangled, and we have full confidence that they are ready for the challenge.

This year was the first for which we broadened the scope of New Gamemaster Month, helping new GMs launch their roles with Numenera, Trail of Cthulhu by Pelgrane Press, and Unknown Armies by Atlas Games. It’s been fantastic to see how much training applies across systems; the New Gamemaster Month Facebook group and the New GM Advice Panel brought together GMs and creators from all three systems to advise and discuss, all delightfully intermingled.

I’m a strong believer that GMs can learn a lot from other systems. For instance, I was quite intrigued by Trail of Cthulhu’s adventure structure and Scene Flow Diagrams that I read in the Trail of Cthulhu tab at the bottom of the Encounters post. That advice is helpful for any GM planning any kind of adventure, regardless of system!

To those of you who are GMs already, please wish #NewGmMonth participants good luck this weekend, and share your best advice on social media! If you’re like me and always hungry to enhance your GMing, do browse through the New Gamemaster Month posts and see if anything inspires you.

And to you, class of 2018: Go forth, and facilitate the most wondrous stories.

Shanna GMing Invisible Sun for the first time at the 2017 MCG Summit
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