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The Origin is a companion sourcebook for Claim The Sky. Whereas Claim The Sky presents a world in which superheroes are a fact of life, The Origin looks at the other end of the genre’s spectrum. The setting is far more “normal”—at least at first glance. Powers exist, but only in the shadows. No spandex or capes here.

Instead, player characters in this setting must come to grips with the fact that they can do things normal humans cannot, and then decide what to do with these abilities. Meanwhile, clandestine departments from the government, terrorist organizations, and even more mysterious groups seek to find those with powers. Some may want to study them. Others to recruit. Still others to destroy. Who can the characters ally themselves with? Whose motives can they trust? And at the heart of it all, what is the event that gave birth to these superhuman abilities in the first place—what is the origin? 


[User: Firedove] hello? anyone here?

[User: Ultra] Maybe. But before I let you in, answer me this. How did you find this forum?

[User: Firedove] hey. a flier at the grocery store asked if anyone remembers when the world ended. 

[User: Ultra] Weird.

[User: Firedove] well, i do. no one else does. except for whoever left that flier. was that you? it had this dark web address on it…

[User: Ultra] Ok, hold on.

[User: Ultra] Ok, that checks out. Good. Can’t be too careful.

[User: Firedove] why do you say that?

[User: Ultra] Because things are different now. Things are different since that Crash. That’s what we call that memory-that-didn’t-happen here. Just like you’re different now, too. Right?

[User: Firedove] …

[User: Ultra] Hey, don’t run off. If you got this far, you deserve to know all the rest. It’s the only way you can stay safe.

[User: Firedove] what the hell? don’t gaslight me. i don’t react well to bullshit.

[User: Ultra] Sorry. Really. Listen. Everyone on this forum remembers the Crash. Unlike everyone else in the world. We’re like you, Firedove. And we’re all different now, too. 

[User: Firedove] i feel like i'm losing my mind. different how?

[User: Ultra] I think we both know that answer to that. So far anyway, anyone who remembers the Crash, whether they are 9 years old or 95, develops powers. Sure, that’s a correlation. But unless you tell us differently, we’ll assume you’ve developed some strange new ability. This is a forum for people like that. If that includes you, I’ll send you an invite. Read the pinned messages. Explore the site. Introduce yourself. This is a safe place. A light the darkness, you might say. 

[User: Firedove] fine. send me the link.


The Origin is just one of the titles featured in the Heroes of the Cypher System Kickstarter!

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