Late Holiday Shopping and the MCG Store

The MCG store is still open, and you can still place orders! Our PDFs—like Skein of the Blackbone Bride, After the Nightfall, Tales Beyond the Ninth World, and this new instant adventure—are available immediately! So are gift certificates and our 2016 Holiday Gift!

2016 holiday gift

For new orders (as of late Saturday, December 10th), we can’t guarantee delivery in time for the holidays, but we’ll continue to ship physical items this week and the next—so if you’re the sort of Santa who doesn’t mind things arriving after the holidays, you could order No Thank You, Evil!, the Numenera Starter Set, a playmat for one of our games, or anything you think would be a great belated gift!

MCG is closed December 25th through January 1st, which means we won’t be shipping items or be available to answer questions (the store will remain open for orders, and PDFs will still be immediately available after purchasing, but shipping of physical items will wait until January 2nd).

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