The Cypher System Open License Goes Post-Apocalyptic

The Cypher System Open License Goes Post-Apocalyptic

The Cypher System Open License (CSOL) allows publishers and creators to produce adventures, supplements, and entire games compatible with and even based on the Cypher System—and provides extensive rules text that can be used or modified in the form of the Cypher System Reference Document (CSRD). The CSRD includes not just rules, character options, cyphers, creatures, and other mechanics from the Cypher System Rulebook—it also incorporates mechanical content from a range of Monte Cook Games’s genre books.

Today Monte Cook Games is pleased to announce an upgrade to the CSRD that rolls in content from the latest Cypher System title: Rust and Redemption. With this content, the CSOL now provides even greater resources for the creation of adventures, campaign settings, and even complete games with a post-apocalyptic theme.

The Cypher System Reference Document already provides everything you need to create great Cypher System-compatible content for virtually any genre. With this expansion to the CSRD, creators and publishers will have access to even more of Monte Cook Games’s official mechanics for third-party products published under the CSOL.

This rollout follows on the heels of the addition of Cypher System Bestiary content to the Cypher System Creature Index, and the announcement of the Cypher Tools suite of online game aids, including the powerful new Character Builder. And that’s not all: Look for more exciting CSOL and Cypher System news in the weeks to come. And sign up to be notified for the launch of Knights of Dust and Neon, crowdfunding exciting new titles and game aids for the Cypher System!

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