Numenera Weird Deck

All the weirdness of the Ninth World at your fingertips!

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Numenera is nothing if not weird. And sometimes even the best GM needs a little creative spark to help inspire new, strange things for the game. The Numenera Weird Deck does just that: Draw a card whenever you feel like it–whether it’s prepping for the next game or right in the middle of a session. There are three ideas on each of the 100 cards in this deck: a simple basis for a weird element, a more developed concept that builds on that basis, and a full-blown idea, complete and detailed. Draw inspiration from any of them to add an element of the weird and unexpected to your Numenera game!


NUM Weird Deck Cards


Numenera Weird Deck
100-card deck or PDF
By Monte Cook
$19.99 (print); $7.99 (PDF)


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