Planebreaker Miniatures

Planebreaker Miniatures

Creatures and characters from across the planes…

The many and disparate planes of the multiverse are home to an infinite variety of strange and dangerous creatures—and an equally broad array of heroes and adventurers who explore—or are native to—the planes. Whether you’re playing a Planebreaker campaign, taking your fantasy adventures into the planes by some other means, or simply want to add some otherworldly encounters to your game, Planebreaker minis bring mysterious and wild creatures and characters to your game table.

Digital STL file sets include supported and unsupported versions of each figure for use in 3D printing. Print as many as you like at home, or send them to a service such as Shapeways. These STL files are for personal, noncommercial use.

Physical minis will be available in summer 2022!

Planebreaker Miniatures Pack 1

Accumulator • Portal Dragon • Nambu Bounty Hunter • Villainous Wizard • Path Walker

Planebreaker Miniatures Pack 2

Acherite Adventurer • Grime Shambler • Psychic War Veteran • Sprig • Inkarnate

Planebreaker Miniatures Pack 3

Planar Adventurer • Avernus Observer

Planebreaker Minis
Three digital STL packs
$14.99; $5.99

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