Shards of the Looking Glass

Shards of the Looking Glass

How will you react when you meet yourself—and how will they?

The isolated aldeia of Tavrul is suffering a strange plague: duplicates of its citizens have started wandering into town. They seem to be identical to their originals in personality, memories, and ideals, but their presence is unnerving and confusing at the very least. Duplicates of the living were troubling enough, but now the dead have appeared—and their motives seem much more sinister. Can the PCs discover the cause—and what happens when their own duplicates begin to appear?

This 16-page adventure was run in official 2022 Numenera convention events, and was specifically designed to create interesting outcomes that play out differently each time the adventure is run. It’s great as a stand-alone scenario for new or experienced Numenera players, or is easily integrated into an ongoing campaign. Six pre-generated characters are included, so you have everything you need to play!

Shards of the Looking Glass
By Charles M. Ryan
PDF only
$5.99 (PDF)

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