The Devil’s Spine Off to Backers

The Devil’s Spine Off to Backers

DevilsCover 2At the end of last week, we started shipping print copies of the Devil’s Spine to the backers who purchased it from our Kickstarter. A few people have reported already getting their copies.

Shipping time vagaries being what they are, we’re hoping that most people will have their copy by mid next week.

This week, we start the roll-out of the pdf of the Devil’s Spine to backers. Thanks to the stretch goals that piled on to the $50 level and above, most backers will get a free copy of the pdf. This means that it might take a few days to get the codes to all of you, but they’ve already started going out.

We learned so much from the fulfillment of the corebook and the other products available at Numenera’s launch. Thanks to that, I’m happy to say that fulfillment of the Devil’s Spine (in both formats) is going very smoothly. Everything’s happening how and when it should be. Backers in the U.S. should have their books (both print and PDF, if they backed at those levels) no later than Oct. 16. International backers should have PDFs by the same date, but shipping may take a bit longer.

If you didn’t get the Devil’s Spine from our Kickstarter, it goes on sale (in print and pdf) on October 23rd from your local game store or

I’m excited for you guys to get the Devil’s Spine in your hands. I think you’ll find it cool and creepy and weird, just like a Numenera adventure should be. It involves many different kinds of action (and interaction). The story is designed so that the three different sections can be played individually, or easily combined into one grand adventure (although even then, the individual parts can be played in any order). One of the things I think you’ll love are the full-color pieces of art designed to be shown directly to the players along with the words, “you see this.” I think that kind of direct visual aid in a scenario can make all the difference, and the art in this book is gorgeous and cool, although as I said before, also creepy and weird. I hope it brings hours of great gameplay to your table.




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