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The Night of Dissolution

The Night of Dissolution

Chaos cults, an invading hoard, and a terrible prophesy converge on Ptolus…

The threads of a hidden conspiracy lead the characters into a web of insane cultists, wild chaos magic, and horrors from the primordial days of the world. Can they stave off this evil while a barbarian hoard ravages the lands about Ptolus and lays siege to the city? The Night of Dissolution is a mega-adventure laced with urban intrigue, high action, and delves into the dungeons beneath the city.

Features of this title that will enhance any Ptolus campaign include:

  • A description of Pythoness House, a haunted oracle/brothel that hides a trove of weapons vital in the fight against the Cults of Chaos.
  • A huge secret temple of chaos where insidious fanatics worship the dreaded Galchutt.
  • Details of a city-wide network of covert spies and agents that extends even into the highest echelons of Ptolus’ elite society.

The adventure culminates in a race to stave off the Night of Dissolution, a dark time long foretold when the slumbering Galchutt will awaken in their hidden lairs deep below the city—and bring catastrophe and woe to the world.

This mini-campaign picks up right where the adventures in Chapter 33 of Ptolus: Monte Cook’s City by the Spire leave off. It complements the adventures in that book nicely, but it’s not necessary to have played those adventures to run The Night of Dissolution. This title is suitable for 5e characters of roughly 4th level (potentially taking them up to 9th level or so), or Cypher System characters of roughly second tier.

The Night of Dissolution
By Monte Cook
112-page PDF

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