The Origin

Master perilous new powers in a world that is dangerously askew!

In 2017, Oumuamua made headlines as the first interstellar object ever detected passing through our solar system. Everyone remembers that. A web search will tell you all about it.

So why doesn’t anyone remember Nibiru? How it curved out of the night, its trajectory changing so rapidly that scientists could barely track it. How its arc altered, day by day, inexorably toward our own. How the skies blazed when it struck the Earth. How the seas boiled, and the cities burned.

Except the cities still stand, the sky is unburnt, and only an unlucky few of us have nightmares about Nibiru. Maybe we’re losing our minds. Sharing a delusion. And that newfound ability—to turn invisible, to read thoughts, to levitate—is just another shared delusion.

So why are we being hunted down?

The Origin is a gritty and mysterious setting in which characters master emerging superpowers as they face nefarious groups, superpowered opponents, and dark forces somehow connected to memories of a world that met a different fate. The Origin includes:

  • A mysterious backstory for PCs to piece together: a world that looks at first identical to our own, but has been altered—somehow—in dark and frightening ways.
  • Rules for PCs to gain and master shocking new abilities over the course of play.
  • Dozens of new cyphers and artifacts.
  • Dozens of new monstrous creatures, extradimensional beings, and weird metahumans.
  • Three full adventures, plus one adventure interlude, that draw characters into the discovery and mastery of their powers, and introduce the sinister forces arrayed against them—and the entire world!

The Origin is a setting and supplement for the Cypher System. It requires the Cypher System Rulebook for play.

The Origin
By Bruce R. Cordell
160-page hardcover or PDF
$44.99 (hardcover); $17.99 (PDF)

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