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Who the Devil Are You?

Who the Devil Are You?

A fun, fast-paced zero-prep RPG experience!

In most RPGs, the GM provides the story, setting, and context to the players and the players create characters to fit that world. But what if we turned all that upside down?

What if the whole process of making the characters also builds the world? And breathing life into those characters also builds the story? In other words, what if the lazy-ass GM makes the players do all the work?

Who the Devil Are You? is a fun, fast-paced narrative game that removes all the prep-work and delivers an entertaining, creative roleplaying experience that engages everyone around the table and invariably results in an entertaining, memorable story you’ll recount again and again, and a great time for everyone.

You start with an image prompt that sets a scene. Any prompt—science fiction, fantasy, horror, modern, or even weird or comical; it all works. The players collaborate to decide what the scene depicts: what’s happening, who’s there, and why. Then they build characters ready to engage the situation they created, while GM takes what they’ve come up with and sketches out the conflict, some basic plot points, and maybe a few details.

Then it’s into the action! The game provides the structure that turns these fun, fast-flowing, creative ideas into a coherent story with action, twists, turns, and always an element of the unexpected.

The 50-page PDF rulebook has everything you need to play—the lightweight, fast-paced rules, a toolset for turning improvised gaming into a fantastic story, and loads of GM advice for making the most of it all. A deck of 50 cards (in PDF and self-print format) regulates play, adds a twist of the unexpected, and gives players and GM resources that spur and aid their creativity. And a set of six scenario cards (in PDF and self-print format) give the players a game-inspiring image on one side, and the GM some useful prompts and notes on the other. But that’s just the beginning, because when you play Who the Devil Are You?, the entire world is your creative sandbox!

I’ve got to tell you, this is one of my favorite games. I love to see people create. I love to be surprised—or actually thrown for a legitimate loop—by the gamers at my table.

—Monte Cook

Who the Devil Are You? plays in two to four hours with literally zero prep. Every game is unique, fast-paced, and filled with fun twists and turns. Available only in PDF.

Who the Devil Are You?
By Monte Cook
76-page PDF

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