You’ve Got Bee Mail: No Thank You, Evil! Is Live On Kickstarter

Buckle up in your beemobile, friends–we’re going back to Storia and we’re taking lots of new folks with us!

Our Kickstarter to reprint No Thank You, Evil! is now live and ready for both new folks and existing Storia adventurers to enjoy.

We’ve heard tales across the world about families, kids, and students telling stories and enjoying No Thank You, Evil! In fact, the game’s popularity has continued to grow so much so that it has gone out of print sooner than we anticipated! To make sure no one misses out on aliens, astronauts, and Being Awesome, we’ve launched a Kickstarter to reprint the game.

And if you already have all the No Thank You, Evil! that there is to be had? You’ll still want to get in on BEE MAIL!

Bee Mail!

Enjoy special downloadable deliveries, brought to you by Storia’s renowned delivery service, BEE MAIL! This reward gets you three PDFs worth of new content, each containing a brand-new adventure, as well as additional goodies, such as new creatures, pregenerated characters, props, and more. Kids will love getting special messages directly from their friend Woodlyn the Queen Bee, inviting them to Storia for even more exciting adventures.

Beemobile illustration by Cathy Wilkins

So, Why a Reprint Kickstarter?

Here are three reasons why we are using Kickstarter, and what benefits it will provide to you and new gamers compared to a traditional reprint process:

You’ll Have Your Game Sooner. If we were using a traditional reprint model, we wouldn’t see a reprint until next year. This way, as soon as the Kickstarter closes, we will have the money to print new games, ensuring that there won’t be a large lag time (and we won’t run out at retail stores).

New Stuff! A Kickstarter allows us to potentially offer new items for players (which is something that people have been asking for—and we want to make that happen!).

Doing Good. With a Kickstarter, we can offer a special backer level to organizations and schools that are using No Thank You, Evil! to work with students on improving their social skills, dealing with trauma, and overcoming grief. This is something that’s near and dear to our hearts, and the business model of Kickstarter makes it possible.

Help bring this game to even more creative, imaginative kids.

Get No Thank You, Evil! and Bee Mail on Kickstarter now, and tell your local organizations, schools, and retailers about the special discounts for them!

Darcy Ross
Darcy Ross

Darcy L. Ross, Community Relations Coordinator for Monte Cook Games, is a storyteller, scientist, and community organizer. Across media, she aims to highlight people doing good things in the gaming community and to bring new people into gaming. She co-hosts the podcast Cypher Speak, has blogged for the award-winning Gnome Stew, and has worked to support marginalized voices in gaming with ConTessa. Darcy lives in a small but powerful aldeia of tabletop creatives in Hyde Park, Chicago.