Announcing Invisible Sun: Return of the Black Cube

Announcing Invisible Sun: Return of the Black Cube

One day, after a keyfall, where keys of all shapes and sizes rain down from the heavens, Anestra found a key. Not just any key, but a so-called wicked key that can open anything. Using this key, she unlocked the door of a library far more ancient than that of Rhol, the Left-Handed God. So ancient, in fact, that it no longer existed. And within this long-gone storehouse of knowledge, Anestra found what she was looking for: the secret name of a demon so obscure and so lost that no one living or dead remembered it.

Invisible Sun is the amazing and visionary tabletop roleplaying game by Monte Cook that introduces a truly unique and original setting, pioneers new modes of RPG play, and comes in an unprecedented physical production weighing in at over 30lb (14kg). Originally released in the summer of 2018, the Black Cube—the Invisible Sun core rules boxed set—sold out immediately. A second printing in 2019 similarly sold out within months.

Highly praised by gamers and critics alike for its detailed, immersive, and truly innovative surrealist setting, rich mechanics, and astounding beauty, the Black Cube is one of the most sought-after tabletop roleplaying products of recent history.

This legendary game is now coming back, with a limited reprint of this groundbreaking, but very hard-to-find, piece of RPG history.

Monte Cook Games is pleased to announce a crowdfunding campaign to reprint the Invisible Sun Black Cube. The campaign, launching this autumn, will bring the core game for Invisible Sun (the 30-pound Black Cube boxed set) back into print, reprint other items (such as the Vislae Kit) which have also been unavailable for some time, and offer tantalizing deals on Invisible Sun’s other exciting, beautiful, and innovative supplements. New items of interest to existing Invisible Sun fans may also be unveiled!

Prepare to be amazed at this astonishing product

Alamathi is the captain of the Turn of the Page, a magical ship made entirely out of books about the sea. She knows the vast ocean called The Alone better than anyone alive. In her ship’s hold, she currently carries talking fruit from Durrentam, rope made of stone from the Floating Isles, and bricks made of smoke from the Ju-nui-Pron. She has buyers for all of these in Satyrine, the City of Notions.

The Invisible Sun roleplaying game is an unprecedented physical production, filled with massive amounts of content for a unique roleplaying experience. The Black Cube contains (and this is not an exhaustive list):

  • Four hardcover books totaling over 600 pages of game and setting content.
  • Roughly 1,000 cards—the equivalent of about 200 pages of book content. (For the most part, the cards do not duplicate text in the books.)
  • The Sooth Deck, a beautiful tarot-like deck that’s instrumental to game play.
  • The Path of Suns game board, used with the Sooth Deck.
  • The Testament of Suns, a resin-cast figure that displays the currently ascendant Sooth Card.
  • Character tomes (similar in function to character sheets in other RPGs) for all four orders, plus apostates.
  • A wide variety of tokens for tracking game info.
  • A set of custom Invisible Sun dice.
  • Two cloth maps.
  • A GM’s notebook.
  • A character grimoire pad.
  • Five pregenerated characters.
  • Loads of in-setting handouts and props.
  • A gorgeous art book.

Invisible Sun is a game about discovery and secrets. There may be other content awaiting your discovery in the Black Cube.

Take a more in-depth tour of the Black Cube with this brief video:

Enter an RPG world like no other

Monday isn’t a man, but neither is he a god. He is, just as his name would imply, a day of the week. He is rather nondescript, with a receding hairline and glasses. He doesn’t explain himself or his nature unless really pressed, but he does welcome a bit of chitchat while waiting in line or on the train. Most people think “Monday” is just his name, rather than his very being. And if someone’s looking for a larger context, he can’t give it to them. “I think I saw Thursday on a train, once,” he’ll admit, but that’s about it.

Invisible Sun’s setting is uniquely original, blending magic, fantasy, and surrealism in a manner never seen before—perhaps the most truly original approach to RPG worldbuilding in decades. Invisible Sun is set within the Actuality, a vibrant multidimensional universe of which our world (the “real world”) is but a drab shadow. Adventures may take the players throughout Satyrine—the surreal city under the Indigo Sun—and into the realms of the seven other suns: Gold, Silver, Red, Green, Blue, Grey, and Pale. Like the Indigo realm and our own world (the Grey), each is an entire realm with its own denizens, wardens, and natural laws. And when traveled to in the direction opposite the flow of magic, one enters a nightside version of the realm—yet another parallel dimension with sinister reflections of its “normal” version.

Player characters, as wielders of magic (called “vislae”), explore these realms, seek out secrets of reality, and pursue understanding of the setting’s mysteries (including the recent war which afflicted Satyrine and features in every character’s backstory, but which few people seem to remember). The game’s design prompts uniquely resonant player characters and rich storylines, for games that are both thrilling and memorable. And as a game with magic as its focus, its many approaches to the art, and the use of mechanics such as the Sooth Deck, create a sense of magic that is singular in RPGs for its truly magical feeling.

The Invisible Sun: Return of the Black Cube campaign launches this autumn.

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