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The Devil’s Dandy Dogs

The Devil’s Dandy Dogs

A roleplaying game about magic, mystery, teamwork, and the desires that drive us

All games ask a question. The question this game asks is: How can we create the best story? Best is, of course, subjective, so that leads to further questions, like, “What does it mean to tell the best story?”

You are one of the Devil’s Dandy Dogs, a creature made of the Devil’s shadow, and as such you are tasked with one thing: collecting souls. You’ll face myriad people, places, creatures, experiences, and conundrums—not to mention temptations. And when you’re done, the Devil will want a rousing story of your exploits.

Collaborate with the rest of your pack and the Diviner to create the conflict, characters, and resolutions to your tale. Special dice and a tarot-style deck generate interesting twists and turns. This no-prep, rules-light narrative roleplaying game is filled with mystery, magic, and the unforeseen.

And a pack of supernatural dogs trying their best to be oh-so-good.

A beautiful game

The Devil’s Dandy Dogs is an astonishingly beautiful production, filled with components that make every aspect of play a delight. The compact box includes:

  • The Devil’s Dandy Dogs rulebook
  • The Devil’s Playbook reference book
  • The Soul’s Arrow cloth playmat
  • 11 character sheets
  • 4 custom dice
  • Over 100 cards, including Temptation, Trick, Pact of the Pack, Devil’s Door, and Fate’s Folly cards, plus the stunning 36-card Diviner’s Deck

Beautiful stories

This is not the Devil you know. They are neither good nor evil. What they are is smart, wily, debonair (when they want to be), wicked, and mostly willing to play by the rules. They are a natty dresser, a cunning conversationalist, a fierce and loyal protector of their dogs—and a lover of great stories.

You are their emissary. Their shadow. Their soul collector. Their good dog. But you are also your own dog. You have dreams. A plan, perhaps. At the very least, a shimmering of hope, faint and far away as a morning star.

Every story begins at the end—when you have returned from your adventure. You have succeeded—that is never in question—but your story is about how you succeeded. You and your packmates will unfold your tale, intertwining the events of your mission with your personal moments of temptation.

Plays quickly with zero prep!

While it’s useful for everyone to have a basic understanding of the how the game works, there’s no additional preparation necessary—or even possible—to play The Devil’s Dandy Dogs. Everything that happens in your adventures is decided during the game session, either collectively by the group, by the Diviner (the gamemaster), or by the cards and dice.

A typical game session takes three hours or so, all-inclusive. The rules and characters are easy to get started with. Playing takes no more time or preparation than a board game!

The Devil’s Dandy Dogs
By Shanna Germain
Boxed game or PDF
$39.99 (print); $14.99 (PDF)

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