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Estate Mission Contest Results!

Estate Mission Contest Results!

At the end of January, we started an #EstateMission contest where we invited you to submit your own adventure seed tweets for The Strange RPG. By the February 27th deadline, we had more than 100 responses!

The MCG team has reviewed the submissions and picked five winners—congratulations to @MikkelBerget, @LaslosLessons, @RosnerGM, @sgsuperone, and @SharangBiswas! You win $10 in store credit at the MCG shop, and your missions will be tweeted from the @TheStrangeRPG over the next five weeks, starting today!

We’d also like to call out @BroConGM@heckryan, @iatcomf, and @red_mud_man as honorable mentions.

Nice work, winners, and thank you to all the people who tweeted a submission for the contest!

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