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One of the exciting things about Kickstarting projects like A Strange Box is that it allows us to create some specialty items that just wouldn’t happen otherwise. The boxed set itself is certainly one of those items, but I want to talk about a specific item not discussed yet—the Vault, the wooden box from the ESTATE VAULT and AWAKENED OPERATIVE levels.

With each of these boxes, from the Numenera Reliquary to the Invisible Sun Black Cube, and now on to the deluxe boxed edition for The Strange, I want the box itself to be an experience, something interesting and compelling that also conveys a sense of what is contained within. The Vault is no different, though it comes with its own challenges: we can’t rely on our fantastic art to carry a lot of the design; it’s a lot heavier than our normal boxes, and however it opens it needs to be solid (not to mention, it needs to be every bit as high quality as anything else we do).

I think we’ve come up with something special.

A big part of the design relies on the material itself, allowing the wood and quality craftsmanship to shine through. But on top of that, The Strange fractal S symbol will be laser engraved into the lid. Because our other boxes open up in an interesting way, we wanted this to open in an interesting way as well. With a couple of pivot hinges located at the corners, the lid will open from the center, coming apart in two pieces and rotating away. Of course, it also needs to stay closed—through cleverly placed magnets, the lid will hold together until you’re ready to open it. Each box will be hand crafted, made from solid wood, and finished for durability and longevity.


This may not be the final design, and of course, certain details may be refined after the Kickstarter closes. We’ll evaluate different finishes and woods, and explore other details, to make the best box we can. Rest assured, the Vault will be something you’ll want to show off, something that will last, and something that will be an amazing addition to your game collection.

(And don’t forget the Strange Box sharefest to have Bruce make a video of him reading an excerpt from Myth of the Maker, the novel that inspired The Strange!)

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