How the Invisible Sun Directed Campaign Works

When the Directed Campaign launches on June 1st, those GMs who have opted in will gain access to an exclusive website. That will have two main features:

  1. A package of downloadable content.
  2. A GM’s discussion area.

Let’s break both of these down further.

Downloadable Content

Although you can start as soon as June 1st, your Directed Campaign doesn’t start until you tell us you’re ready to start. Some people’s first month might be June, but other GMs might not start until August or September, for example. Regardless, the first month’s content you get will include notes on how to handle the First Session, how to bring the group together (using something the game calls the desideratum), and encounters, stories, NPCs, and handouts/props to print to use at the table. There will be more than enough to get you started and keep you going through the month, in both regular sessions and Development Mode side scenes.

Then, on the second month, you’ll get a new link to another digital package to download. Each month will bring NPCs, encounters, and material to use. Since Invisible Sun is so character driven, some of the material will be conventional “adventure” material like you’ve seen with other games, but much of it will be helping you manage the PC’s goals and arcs and providing you with advice and material to handle running an Invisible Sun narrative.

The handouts and props won’t necessarily all be things to print out. Since it’s Invisible Sun, we’re going to explore all manner of avenues, like audio and maybe even try a little video or animation to provide to your players when the time comes.

Throughout the campaign, before you get some month’s digital packages, we’ll ask you about what your players did (or didn’t do) the previous month. That way, when you get the package, the material in there will be tailored to the narrative you’ve got going. Thus, not everyone’s path through the campaign will be the same.

You’ll be able to go at your own pace. You won’t want to answer those questions about what your players did until they actually do it, so the system is self-correcting, and you won’t ever “get behind” even if you’re playing at a slower pace.

And then four times throughout the Directed Campaign, in addition to that month’s digital package, we’ll mail you a physical package with props and useful items that go well beyond something to just download and print out. I don’t want to provide spoilers here, but we’re planning cool physical objects that you’ll use at the table to make a truly memorable gaming experience in a variety of ways. Plus, each of your players will get a mailing during the campaign as well, with material tailored to some of the details you have provided for us. This will be something like you’ve not seen before!

GM’s Discussion Area

The website will have a discussion area that will be exclusive to GMs using the Directed Campaign. In one fell swoop, we’ll have created a brain trust of Invisible Sun GMs who can trade advice, suggestions, anecdotes, and answers to questions.

And I and other members of the MCG team will be there too, contributing to the discussion. I am going to highly recommend, in fact, that you post there with the highlights of your own group’s exploits, because I’ll be watching closely to see what people are doing and tailoring later months’ content to what I see people are needing and using. In fact, at the end of each month’s content package, there will be a list of questions I’d love for you to answer to help me do just that.

We’ll also fill this area with links to inspirations appropriate to Invisible Sun. Articles about the occult or surreality, links to cool artists’ work, strange things in nature, music, or anything else we at MCG find inspiring in our own Invisible Sun games (and there’s a lot).

The Directed Campaign website will also, of course, be the best place to find out news about Invisible Sun, get free previews of upcoming products, and the inside scoop on everything we’re doing with regards to the game.

In effect, this will be the secret heart of Invisible Sun (which is extraordinarily appropriate to this game). I hope you’ll join us.


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