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Publish and Sell Your Own Cypher System Creations!

Publish and Sell Your Own Cypher System Creations!

Your NPCs are always memorable, with interesting backstories and personality quirks. You’ve populated your campaign with strange and unique monsters. You just wrapped up a really awesome adventure and your players are howling for more. In short, you’re a really creative person with a knack for the Cypher System.

Have you ever thought about sharing your work with other people? Of actually publishing your creations and getting paid for them? You can with the Cypher System Creator program (CSCP). The CSCP allows you—a gamer—to write new material for the Cypher System, publish it as a PDF on, and get royalty payments for every copy you sell.

There’s no catch. You write it. You publish it. You upload it to DriveThruRPG. You get paid for it (or you can release it for free!). Right now there are over 50 CSCP products on DriveThruRPG—adventures, bestiaries, character options, and more. Yours could be one of them!

Pick your favorite genre. Heroic fantasy? Write a dungeon crawl adventure. Zombie apocalypse? Write a mini-bestiary with six new types of zombies. Hard SF? Write an adventure about time dilation and generational starships. Superheroes? Write a who’s who of interconnected heroes and villains usable in any supers campaign. Western? Write a sourcebook about Sutter’s Mill and the California Gold Rush. Courtly intrigue in the era of steampunk? Write a subsystem for handling favors, influence, and insults. You can even publish new material for our Gods of the Fall setting!

(Your creations have to be your own and not based on intellectual property that belongs to someone else. For example, you can’t publish a bestiary of creatures from Star Wars or an adventure set in Mordor from Lord of the Rings.)

All the information you need to get started is at this link. You get the legal text for your PDF, high-resolution versions of the CSCP logo, a ZIP of high-resolution artwork you can use, and document templates for Word and InDesign so it’s easy for your PDF to look clean and professional.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an individual, a gaming group, or a business—you can use the CSCP to make cool new game products.

You can find more information about the CSCP here. You play RPGs because you love exercising your imagination—why not earn some cash doing something you love?

(If you’re already publishing with the CSCP, let us know about your most awesome PDF at and we may mention it in The Cypher Chronicles!)

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