The Weird

Roleplaying games give us a chance to explore, discover, imagine, create, and face challenges. Our games shine brightest when they’re vivid, unique, and a little bit mind-bending.

So how do you make another room full of orcs, another space station full of aliens, or another dark cult really special? How do you make every game session truly new and memorable—a moment of real discovery and imagination?

You make it weird.

The Weird will help you make NPCs, creatures, places, magic items, gear, spells and abilities, names, appearances, backgrounds, plots, structures, vehicles—and yes, even player characters—more interesting, no matter the setting or system. This hefty, beautifully illustrated tome will contain GM and player advice for implementing and dealing with the weird. It will be filled with literally thousands of weird ideas to pick from or roll randomly. It’s not just random strange ideas, though: it’ll also be packed with advice on how these weird inspirations might affect your game. The weirdness is organized by type and degree (from “interesting” to “gonzo” and everything in between), so you can make a shield a bit more interesting or the ghost you wanted to put in the next adventure totally surreal. And that’s just for starters.

Keep gaming weird. Get The Weird!

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