What We Are Thankful For

2016 has been a difficult year for many people, from personal struggles, to family issues, celebrity deaths, and political turmoil. On this American Thanksgiving holiday, we at MCG wanted to take a moment to focus on the positive and talk about things we are thankful for.

Bear: I’m grateful for working with a bunch of creative, passionate people who collectively strive to produce the best products we can, and, in so doing, bring a lot of joy to a great many people. I’m also grateful for the artists that we work with that continue to amaze and surprise us with their art, and share in this effort to make wonderful, exciting things.

Bruce: I’m thankful for the people and pets in my life who provide friendship, companionship, and love.

Charles: I’m thankful for a couple of great kids. I’m thankful that I get to make a living alongside a group of really creative, smart, and fun people, and that there’s such a great community of fans who support us in that endeavor. I’m thankful to live a relatively safe, secure life, and I try to be mindful that not everyone is. Heck, I’m thankful that we’ll get Ghost in the Shell, and Alien: Covenant, and another season of The Expanse. Big things and little things—there’s so much to be thankful for.

Dennis: I’m thankful for a life which has moved *slightly* out of boxes, and that our house in Canada is shaping up into a home. (And, it goes without saying almost, the support and respect of those I work with which makes working from Canada possible!)

Monte: I’m thankful for a life full of intelligent, compassionate people who really care about the world and the people in it. I’m thankful for a life of creativity and ideas, as well as quality escapism when it’s needed. I’m thankful for comedy that can make me laugh when I need it the most. I’m thankful for a partner who understands me, and gives me room to be who I need to be.

Sean: I’m thankful that I get to work with people who are not only brilliant and creative colleagues, but are also good friends and passionate about helping others. I’m thankful for my health and my cats. Thankful for my abilities and privilege, and that I have a home to live in, money to pay the bills, and opportunities to share my time and positive energy with others. I’m thankful for all the people who love me despite my flaws, and for the lives I’ve improved in some small way. And because I can’t say anything serious without throwing in something silly to break the tension, I am thankful for chocolate.

Shanna: I’m grateful for ground-breaking, smart books, shows, and movies like The Library at Mount Char, Luke Cage, Arrival, The Good Place, and more. I’m grateful for cooperative games that help us come together as a community and work toward a common goal. And I’m especially grateful to be able to do what I love for a living, making games and stories with fantastic, creative people for fantastic, creative people.

Tammie: In addition to being thankful for my amazing family and friends, and for good health and general wellbeing, I’m thankful for crazy socks, my (used) Apple Watch, and the voice of R. C. Bray. I’m thankful for movies like The Martian and Arrival. I’m thankful for a wide spectrum of zombie entertainment like Arisen, by Michael Stephen Fuchs, and The Girl with All the Gifts, by M. R. Carey. I’m thankful I get to pass along my love of Star Trek and Star Wars to my kids. I’m thankful for comedians like Samantha Bee, who make me take a critical look at myself. I’m thankful for kind, smart, funny, and generous co-workers. I’m thankful I get to go to work every day beside my amazing partner at an ethical company. And I’m thankful I get to interact with the best, kindest, smartest supporters and customers in the world!

We hope that you have many things to be thankful for this year, and wish you the best in this holiday season.

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