Planar Resource Deck for 5E

Planar Resource Deck for 5E

Spells, creatures, and magic items from across the planes—and at your fingertips!

The planar multiverse is filled with an infinite range of fascinating and dangerous creatures, unusual magics, and strange and powerful magic items. The 100-card Planar Resource Deck for 5E puts a selection of them at your fingertips, giving you convenient and easy access to magic items, spells, and monsters from Path of the Planebreaker, the Planar Bestiary, and Planar Character Options. Each card gives you key information you’ll need at the game table, saving time and lookups. If you need the more detailed listing, the book and page number are provided on the card.

The Planar Resource Deck for 5E includes:

  • 33 spells
  • 31 magic items
  • 36 monsters with ready-to-reference stat blocks on the face, and an image of the creature to show the players on the card back!

The Cypher System version of the Planar Resource Deck is coming in autumn 2023.

Planar Resource Deck for 5E
By Bruce R. Cordell and Sean K. Reynolds
100-card deck or PDF
$19.99 (print); $7.99 (PDF)

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