Planebreaker Miniatures, Path Tokens, and Explorer’s Journal

Planebreaker Miniatures, Path Tokens, and Explorer’s Journal

Awesome accessories for incredible extraplanar adventures!

Planar Explorer’s Journal
80-page discbound softcover

Chronicle your character and their planar journeys with the most awesome character notebook ever!

From the artisans at The Rook & The Raven, the discbound Planar Explorer’s Journal is simply the most flexible and elegant way to record your character and their planar adventures.

In addition to a complete character sheet, the beautiful pages in this journal include sections for your backstory, your treasure, your personal notes, and of course session-by-session records of your adventures. You get lined pages, gridded pages, and sectioned pages for recording all the different sorts of info it’s handy to track over the course of a campaign—interesting places and NPCs, notes on other characters, the story of your adventures, and other musings. Two clear plastic pages serve as bookmarks, and take wet-erase marker to easily track hit points, pools, spell slots, XP, and other variables. And because it’s discbound, you can remove, add, and reposition pages as your heart desires.

You get over 80 pages—and it’s fully compatible with Campaign Diary refill packs from The Rook & The Raven, so you can add more if you run out of space. The journal includes complete character sheets for both 5E and Cypher System—use whichever pages are right for your game!

Creatures and characters from across the planes…

The many and disparate planes of the multiverse are home to an infinite variety of strange and dangerous creatures—and an equally broad array of heroes and adventurers who explore—or are native to—the planes. Whether you’re playing a Planebreaker campaign, taking your fantasy adventures into the planes by some other means, or simply want to add some otherworldly encounters to your game, Planebreaker minis bring mysterious and wild creatures and characters to your game table.

There are three sets of Planebreaker miniatures, available in physical form or as STL files for 3D printing.

Planebreaker Miniatures
Three sets of 2 – 5 miniatures each; physical or STL
$11.99 – 29.99 (physical); $5.99 – $14.99 (STL)

Planar Tokens
Set of five metal tokens

Your keys to exciting planar adventures!

Travelers along the Path—that tenuous road threading through the various planes of existence—know that a Path token is one of the most reliable ways of reaching that transitive dimensional highway. Possessing a Path token allows its bearer to access the Path with relative ease—and through it, the infinite range of extradimensional planes.

This set of five Path tokens adds a tactile element to your game. These beautiful, hefty tokens—constructed of solid metal with enameled highlights—make immersive props for players in any dimension-hopping campaign!

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