Announcing the Open Secret Sale

We’ve got to make room in our fulfillment warehouse to receive Invisible Sun (have you seen the size of this amazing, beautiful game?!?), so our pain is your gain! With all the beautiful Invisible Sun Black Cubes on the way, and Numenera Discovery and Numenera Destiny hot on their tails, we’re holding a warehouse-clearing sale!

For a limited time only, every single Numenera, Cypher System, and The Strange print product in our store is 20% off. Corebooks, adventures, supplements, playmats, decks, character portfolios, novels—you name it! (Preorders aren’t included, and No Thank You, Evil! is almost sold out, so we’re excluding that line as well.)

Liven up your bookshelves—and game night!—by trying something new. This is a fantastic opportunity to mix and match compatible Cypher System products—use the Jade Colossus Ruin Mapping Engine to build an Ardeyn crypt for your game of The Strange. Draw upon In Translation: The Strange Character Options for your Predation characters.

Or take advantage of the big discounts to introduce a friend to our games. Give them the gift of a Cypher System Rulebook or Numenera corebook, and point them to the free Cypher System Rules Primer or free Spire of the Hunting Sound quickstart adventure (which includes rules, adventure, and pregens!) to get them started!

Domestic shipping is free, and shipping within the UK/EU is at a reduced rate.

Don’t dawdle! Once we’ve made sufficient room to receive Invisible Sun, Numenera Discovery, and Numenera Destiny, the sale will end.

Pssst! There may be additional savings for those of you who follow us on Twitch and social media (Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and Instagram)…

Art by Samuel Araya

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