50th Anniversary 5E Sale

Happy 50th to the world’s first roleplaying game! Celebrate with up to 50% off our wondrous 5E items!

Explore scores of fascinating planes in Path of the Planebreaker. Add a touch (or a load) of science-fantasy to your campaign with Arcana of the Ancients. Encounter hundreds of dangerous and exciting monsters in the Planar Bestiary and Beasts of Flesh and Steel. And delve into Monte Cook’s masterwork campaign setting in the legendary Ptolus: Monte Cook’s City by the Spire. You can even grab ultra-rare deluxe versions of select books!

MCG’s 5E-compatible titles are stuffed with inspiration, imagination, and fascinating places, creatures, and encounters—zillions of amazing ideas that will take your game to incredible places. And now, in celebration of Dungeons & Dragons’ 50th anniversary, you can get an equally incredible deal on all of them!

Hurry—this sale ends soon. Happy birthday, D&D!

Here’s how it works: Fill your cart full of 5E-compatible products. Your discount will automagically be applied in your cart at checkout. How big will that discount be? Depends on how much 5E goodness you load up on!

  • Grab up to $50 worth of 5E-compatible products, and get 10% off.
  • Over $50, and up to $100—get 20% off.
  • Over $100, and up to $150—get 30% off.
  • Over $150, and up to $200—get 40% off.
  • Purchase more than $200 of 5E products, and your discount is 50% off!

The discount applies to 5E-compatible products only. (Feel free to grab non-5E items as well, but the discount won’t apply to them.)

Start saving now with these amazing titles!

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